Why to become a member?

Why to become a member?

To gain access to a variety of free services:

  • Two sensory evaluation of a product per year worth 90$
  • Access to our newsletter and the latest news about the industry
  • A complete access to the online CRAAQ tools that will give you the chance to compare your competivity via their database. Worth 90$ updates are included
  • To stabilize the quality of the cheeses you produce
  • To get the right information and help you position yourself towards your competition
  • To increase your cheese yield
  • To resolve an operational issue while limiting the risk of impacts on your cheese technologie
  • To prepare yourself with incoming international products
  • To obtain retroaction on the sensory evaluations of your products
  • To give you the means of reducing your product cost
  • To assist you in your development projects
  • To assist you in obtaining the quality programs your clients might demand
  • To create or develop new products
  • To obtain intern and adapted training for your staff
  • To obtain advice in general


Who can be member?

Any company or individual work in the cheese industry or concerned by our mission

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