The Cheese Expertise Center is operated by a team of cheese technology advisors dedicated on field services.

We are engaged to lead you to a high-quality and safe cheese production, sustainable and profitwide production. We are supporting you as a partner of the local economy by offering:

  1. Technical advisory services and trouble shooting
  2. Quality improvement support
  3. Courses and coaching seminars
  4. Innovation and technology transfer

Our Cheese Expertise Center can help you in all your cheese making projects. We also support cheesemaking factory startup. We are well recognized for our hability to optimize your operation as well as your process collaborating with government, university or any other organization when required. The CEC could lead your improvement to a very steady operation so you could promote as a competitive advantage the specific taste and flavors of your local product.

Some of our specific goals are:

  • To maintain some high-level services being trained by international experts only and enlarge our service offer frequently
  • To share our knowledge and expertise through the entire country
  • To teach and train the cheesemakers with the most recent technologies and knowledge and provide them an up-to-date education regarding:
    – Cost control to face the competition
    – Adjustment to the cheese lever operating controls to get a very steady product overtime and seasons.
    – To make sure the CEC is considered as a must in research and development in the cheese industry
  • To become a reference in the cheese business for both craft and industrial cheese makers
  • To make the information reachable to any cheesemaker
  • To gather the cheese makers for group buying and savings
  • To keep on enlarging the strategic partnerships
  • To insure our major links with international technical resources
  • To insure the self financing of our organization in a long-term basis