Flying cheese maker

Flying cheese maker

The CEC is proud to provide you an emergency service in case of injury or resignation of you cheeses maker. As per an insurance, for emergency situations (injury, unexpected resignation) the CEC is proud to rovide you with a cheesemaker or a cheesemaker helper  for $ 24.09 / h plus tax, you get a cheese to help you for 5 days (40h) in case of emergency or à la carte. The rate will increase to $ 26.5 / h in January 2020.

Of course,  this provided cheesemaker will not be as efficient as he would be your employee. However, since this person is already a cheesemaker knowing a lot about food hygiene and cheese technology, we feel the learning curve of this individual will be so short and will help you to keep on operating while finding someone else.

This service might also be provided to non-member organization for 1600$ per week (40h) plus taxes and traveling expenses.

This service might be offered for vacations an any absenteism. However, we will offer the service to the first requirement until the cheesemakers are available. The cost will be a zero profit cost to be negociated with the CEC.

Note: The CEC might require a proof to state the emergency of the situation.