Organization – Board of Directors

Organization – Board of Directors

Board of directors

Sitting onto the board of directors, there is 9 members of the organization among which 7 are elected for 2 years. In addition to the 9 members, there is also 3 observers. The board of director’s seats are coming from the cow, the goat and the sheep milk business so all the milks are well represented. Actually, as part of

1.    Jacques Goulet from Laval University
2.    Daniel Lefebvre General manager from Valacta
3.    Yolaine Villeneuve from the CILQ
4.    One representative from the provincial Ministry of Agriculture
5.    Marie-Claude Massicotte from the federal Ministry of Agriculture
6.    One representative from the Quebec milk producers
7.    Pascal-André Bisson (Le Mouton Blanc)
8.    Dominique Labbé (Laiterie Charlevoix)
9.    Noémie Labbé (Les Fromages de l’isle d’Orléan)
10. Marie-Line Bélanger (Ferme Paysanne)
11. Vacancy (Cow milk producer and cheese maker)
12. Vacancy

Board of directors


Pascal-André Bisson

Fromagerie le mouton blanc

Vice president

Yolaine Villeneuve

Elected representative of  cheese industry
Director Corporate and Public Affairs

Secretary Treasurer

Mario Béland

General manager CEC


Marie-Line Bélanger

Fromagerie Ferme Paysanne

Jacques Goulet

Retired doctoral at laval university

Daniel Lefebvre

Elected representative of  cheese industry
General manager of Valacta

Dominique Labbé

Laiterie Charlevoix