Pressed Cheese

Advanced Level Training

Training by Yves Gauzère

Two days at the Food Research and Development Center of St-Hyacinthe

Day 1: Pressed Cheese Day 2: Cheese-Ripening Room Management

**You can choose to register for either 1 or 2 days.

Cheese-making assistants, future cheese-making assistants and cheese-makers, or any persons that the company deems appropriate to act as a replacement or potential successor.


21 nov -Day 1: Pressed Cheese:

Do you want to dive into the fines details and particularities of pressed cheese?
Do you want to get familiar with the different phenomena or challenges faced when producing pressed cheese?
Do you intend to start this type of manufacturing?
Day 1 of this training is an excellent choice!

22 nov -Day 2: Cheese-Ripening Room Management Would you like to master control factors of a ripening room successfully?

Do you wonder what impacts proper ripening room management can have on your productivity?
Do you want to identify the manufacturing challenges that ripening rooms present?
Are you thinking of modifying your ripening rooms?
Day 2 of this training is for you!


Although not obligatory, the following prerequisites are recommended so that you can benefit from your training:
* Have completed the “Basic Cheese Making Principles” course or have equivalent experience
* Have completed the “Basic Ferment Principles of Cheese Making” course or have equivalent experience
* Have completed the “Basics of Sensory Evaluation” course or have equivalent experience.
* Have completed the “Basics of Technological Levers for the Different Types of Cheese” course or deemed equivalent experience.

The training is led by an international expert. This course is a lecture, but we encourage you to participate and share your own experiences which can serve as a basis for the expert.

By the end of the 2-day training, the participant will be able to:

1. Explain the variables to be respected while producing pressed cheese
2. Define the causes of the leading manufacturing problems in pressed cheese manufacturing
3. Identify the critical manufacturing steps for better productivity.
4. Compare several technologies of this broad class of cheese.
5. Choose the appropriate ripening rooms and the correct control factors.
6. Associate product manufacturing problems with the corresponding control factors of a ripening room.

COURSE OUTLINE * The leading technologies of pressed cheese

* Important steps in the production of pressed cheese
* Technology essentials and the manufacturing risks they imply
* Ripening (different types)
* Flaws
* Productivity and improvement factors
* How to make the most of ventilation, humidity and temperature
* Ripening room deficiencies; common mistakes

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Cancellation Policy
100% of your total amount will be refunded if you cancel 10 business days prior to the scheduled course date.75% of your total amount will be refunded if you cancel within 10 business days prior to the scheduled course date. Without written notice the day before the event, no refund will be issued.

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